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  1. Sarah Price says:

    A little over 4 months ago I delivered our second baby with Rebecca. This time around was just as amazing as the first. Every month we looked forward to our office visit with her and she was great including our daughter in with the check up. For anyone reading this and searching out a midwife, you can’t go wrong with Rebecca. You will not find a more knowledgeable, professional, caring, and reasonably priced midwife. Also, who can you call 24/7 these days?? She will instill confidence in you and help create the most natural and peaceful birthing experience any woman would want.

    Rebecca, thanks again for another beautiful home birth.

  2. Ashley says:

    I had my baby just 7 weeks ago. My birth experience with Rebecca is an unforgettable one for all the right reasons. I actually wanted Rebecca for my first birth, but by the time I had made my decision to home birth she was already booked. I now understand why. I came into this pregnancy with quite a bit of hesitation because of my first attempted home birth experience. My first birth lasted nearly 27 hrs from when contractions became quite regular to when I had my baby. The majority was labored at home and things were not progressing ideally. Quite honestly I thought I was loosing my mind from the relentless intense contractions that seemed to provide very slow dilation. I was told I had a very posterior cervix which I didn’t even understand exactly what that meant at the time and it made me feel very scared. On top of that the confidence was less than desirable in the room with no one seeming to know what coarse of action should be taken next. Eventually the very difficult decision was made to transfer and I watched my dreams of this beautiful idea of home birth drift away as we made our drive to the hospital. I felt like my body had failed me, my birth team had fallen short of what I had expected come go time, and my confidence in natural birth became non existent. Long story short I got to the hospital, received the epidural and finally the next morning I was still fortunate enough to have my baby vaginally. I became a typical hospital birth in a sense. I know there are many women who have had a lot more traumatic births, but I still grieved my birth and longed for that natural birth experience. I wanted a birth free from intervention and filled with a sense of empowerment. I wanted to believe that as a women my body was capable of birthing.

    When I found out I was pregnant with baby #2, I made sure to contact Rebecca right away this time. Let me just tell you that Rebecca’s confidence that birth works really helped to keep my mind healthy and positive as the months went by. I liked that Rebecca is the only midwife in her practice. I always knew who was going to be meeting with me at each apt and knew she would always be up to date on anything discussed throughout the pregnancy. This was very different from my previous midwife group. Rebecca is very organized, great at remembering details, and for each apt she sets aside a full hour just for you. If she happens to have apts overlapping do to a birth taking place she will always let you know ahead of time and ask if you would like to reschedule for another day to allow for the full hour. I personally liked that each apt always seemed to have a purpose beyond just peeing in a cup. I very much looked forward to coming each time and felt that she was very informative and thorough. With my first pregnancy I honestly didn’t know what I didn’t know. I thought all midwives ran by a certain standard of practice and care. I was very wrong. In my opinion Rebecca should be that standard by which all midwifes run their practices. She is seriously that good.

    I really guard this birth experience carefully because it truly was my healing birth. I only like to share it with those who have respect for natural birth or are curious about trying natural birth for themselves. So for those mammas out their who are wanting a natural birth, Rebecca is an exceptional midwife. She is truly one of a kind. I really believe that she is the number one reason why everything went so well this time. Her confidence in me as a person and the birth process is just what I needed and her level of knowledge really helped me feel safe and in good hands even if a complication were to arise. She makes her self available to you and then some. She really goes above and beyond. For example even after my birth I knowingly had retained some placenta (membrane) that Rebecca told me to watch for and at about 3 days post birth I woke in the early morning to the most intense labor type contractions. I finally decided to call Rebecca at 4 am in the morning and she reassured me it was my placenta lining (membrane) wanting to come out. She not only provided me with the necessary meds to expel this placenta piece but also made her self available to me through out the day and texted to check on me all the way until 4 pm when I finally birthed the beast. This whole scenario played out again the next night and after a few more clots I felt back to normal. If it wasn’t for her committed to me being successful even after the birth of my baby I probably would have ended up running to the emergency not knowing what to do. She mentioned that she was worried that this may have ruined my birth experience. I almost have tolaugh because if anything it added to it. Rebecca is just amazing I can’t think of a care provider out there that would offer this type of individualized care.

    I don’t think I have ever met someone so on purpose. If I ever get the chance to birth again, I can not imagine doing it with out her. Natural birth for me is intense but Rebecca made it all seem very normal and achievable. My husband and I are so happy with our birth experience and at times are still trying to process how different it was compared to the first. In fact Rebecca asked how I felt about my birth at my 6 wk postpartum apt and I honestly have a hard time finding the right words. It was eventful but uneventful compared to my first birth. It just seemed so right. There was no drama if that makes sense. I labored in the day, birthed that evening, baby nursed right away, Rebecca checked us, cleaned up everything, my husband put our toddler to bed and we all had a good nights sleep. It was just how birth should be… normal! It was Perfect!! Rebecca had said she was so happy I gave natural birth another chance and so am I. What a gift. Thanks again Rebecca!!!!!!

  3. Louisa W. says:

    Several months ago I was researching midwives in this area since I had just moved here, and came across Rebecca’s website. After reading through all these comments, I really wanted to birth with her! But, she was booked out for 9 months (I think I was 5 months along). I happened to give Rebecca a call and we had an awesome chat on the phone—again, I was mad I couldn’t birth with her just after that one conversation. A few weeks later she called me back saying one of her clients was moving—and she was due the same month I was, so she had an opening for me! I was so excited!! A few days before I had almost put down a deposit with another birthing center, and after hearing some things about them that I didn’t like, I waited but had no idea who I’d birth with! I feel so lucky that it all worked out with Rebecca.

    To give a bit of background about me—this was my 6th baby (I had her just 2 weeks ago), and my first out-of-hospital experience. My husband was reluctant to birth at home, and I didn’t push the point since I was just glad he was on board about using a birthing center. Out of my 5 kids, I had done 3 completely natural, and the other 2 I had planned on going natural, but ended up getting epidurals (one because the hospital insisted I get Pitocin to start contractions since my water broke and nothing was happening…they should have just told me to get out of bed and walk around! And the other time was because my baby was posterior—but no one told me that until I was finally pushing her out! I think if I had known, and definitely if I’d had a nurse that knew some tricks to help me, I would have been able to get through it.) After my last frustrating experience at the hospital, I decided I needed to birth in a place that was completely supportive of me going natural, and that wouldn’t be constantly asking me if I wanted the epidural (because let’s be honest—when you’re in the heat of the moment of course you want relief! It’s later that you really regret it…).

    I also really wanted to do a water birth. I’d heard they helped take the edge off labor, and also helped labor progress more quickly. With 5 kids to compare it to, I can tell you that this was my fastest labor. I can’t say it was necessarily easier, but being in the water made the contractions more bearable for me. Also, with every single contraction Rebecca was sitting right there next to me and would pour the warm water over my back. That did wonders for me! So yes, being immersed in the water definitely helped me!

    Just a few days ago my husband even mentioned how he was so impressed with Rebecca’s interaction with me the whole time. She never left my side (well, except to get the cinnamon rolls out of the oven!) We are used to being in a hospital, where the nurse just comes to check in every 20 minutes, but doesn’t do much more to help. I was completely on my own. As one nurse told me in the past “I wish I could help you, but I have no idea how.” Even with all her training, she couldn’t help in natural childbirth.

    I had considered birthing at the University of Utah, or IMC, since they just recently have started allowing women to birth in the tub. However, on researching those options, I found that I would still have to wear the two uncomfortable belly bands for periods of time, in order to be monitored. And I would need to have an IV set in place…just in case. Also, my experience is that my water breaks early in labor, and I pass baby’s meconium. Because of that, the hospitals couldn’t guarantee that they’d even let me labor in the water.

    I really just wanted a birth as natural as possible. I felt extremely comfortable with Rebecca because of her years of training and experience both in and out of hospitals. Now, having had my baby, I’m so glad I had the chance to birth with Rebecca! I even loved that she has her own practice—just her, no one else. I didn’t have to get to know 5-6 other midwives, any of which could be at the birth. From the beginning I established a relationship with one person, knowing she was who would help me. On another note, Rebecca had a 2-day conference scheduled. Just 2 days before the conference (when I was a day overdue), I emailed Rebecca (by the way—she is always very quick to respond to emails, calls, or texts. And she sets aside a full hour for appointments—all of it spent with just her! What doctor does that??!) So anyway—I emailed Rebecca to ask what would happen if I didn’t go into labor before the conference. I really wanted baby to come when she was ready—not to strip membranes or break my water or do anything. If Rebecca was gone, who would help me? But she told me “babies are more important to me than conferences.” And I knew she really wanted to attend that one! (Incidentally, I went into labor that evening, so nothing conflicted anyway!)

    Everything about this birth felt like it’s what birth SHOULD be like—I was in a quiet room with just the midwife and my husband. We weren’t bombarded with several other stranger nurses at the end, coming in the room with their loud equipment, while having me sitting (in an awkward childbearing position I might add!) on the bed completely exposed to everyone under bright lights. The room was dimly lit with music softly playing. I wasn’t rushed after birth to hurry up and birth the placenta. I could cuddle my baby while still in the water, as Rebecca washed me all off, allowing plenty of time for me to nurse to help uterus contract to birth the placenta. Once I moved to the bed I got to watch as she did a full exam on the baby and the placenta. And the best part was that I could go home just a few hours after getting some rest. I always grew so bored sitting in the hospital for the required minimum day and a half I had to stay there. It felt so much better to be back at home with my family, being cared for by my husband and children.

    I am sooo happy with how everything worked out with this birth! Rebecca is seriously THE BEST!!!

  4. amanda bartleson says:

    Rebecca is amazing, i had my first baby at a hospital with a doctor that didnt seem to care. it was not the way i envisioned having my baby, Rebecca was exactly opposite! i love her! my two year old absolutley adored her! she was awesome and made me feel at ease because she told me EVERYTHING! she took the time to explain everything that was going on in great detail and it made me feel completley in control. i love her, if i have any more babies i wouldnt do it without her!!!

  5. Ashleigh E. says:

    I cannot say enough nice things about Rebecca! I just had my second child, and first home birth with her in July. 2 months later, and I am still over the moon happy with the experience. Words cannot describe how wonderful my experience was.

    After a horrible induction experience with my first child, I knew I wanted a home birth, and was given Rebecca’s contact information by a friend. I loved her right away. Her energy and personality was just what we needed. I didn’t feel stressed or worried about my upcoming birth like I had with my oldest. I felt excited and at peace. And my birth was divine! I just can’t say it enough. I tell everyone that given the choice, I will always birth at home now. I was up and around mere hours after birth, not in the least bit tired, and already ready to conquer the world.

    Rebecca was amazing and so accommodating of our less than ideal transportation situation, and even came to our home for my last few prenatal visits when my husband was not able to take off work to drive me.

    Thank you, Rebecca!

  6. Cami Adams says:

    I feel so blessed to have found Rebecca. There are lots of midwives out there, but very few as amazing as this one! My first experience with Rebecca unfortunately ended up in the hospital with a premature baby. I was disappointed and very concerned about the possibility of not getting to have the experience that I wanted. This was not the case at all. Rebecca came with my husband and I to the hospital, and I credit her completely for the amazing experience we had. She stayed by my side during the very long, pitocin induced labor continually encouraging me and supporting me. She made me laugh when I needed a distraction, calmly talked me through contractions when I needed encouragement, and did all she could to make me comfortable in spite of the circumstances. She took the lead for me and did all the communicating with the nurses and midwives at the hospital so I could focus on labor. In the end, we had a wonderful experience. The next time I got pregnant there was no question in my mind who I wanted to have by my side ( besides my husband of course ). My husband will tell you I was so excited on our way to our first prenatal appointment because I had missed so much my conversations with Rebecca. I was worried during my pregnancy that I would go into labor prematurely again, and I wanted that home birth experience so bad! Rebecca kept encouraging me to stay positive and visualize everything working out. And it did!! Our little girl came at full term and I got to have the most incredible birth experience a woman could have! Rebecca was like super woman. It was amazing to see her in her element. While I focused on the contractions she busied herself getting everything ready but not for a second did she forget about me. I remember her bringing me water, or warm towels, and thinking to myself, ” when did she do this? She’s been right by my side the whole time” . Seriously this lady has her system down and it is truly amazing. She didn’t forget a single thing! My husband was in complete awww. After labor was over she gave my baby girl and I her complete attention, paying careful attention to every single detail and being sure nothing was overlooked. She helped me get myself cleaned up and was very sensitive and gentle. She listened carefully to any concerns we had and took the time to answer questions and insure that we were comfortable before she silently cleaned up and headed home. My husband and I couldn’t believe what just happened and how incredible this woman is. She is gentle, kind, caring, compassionate, trustworthy, knowledgable, experienced and just plain fun to be with! I joke around all the time saying I need to get pregnant again so I can go visit with Rebecca 🙂 I truly love this woman and appreciate so much what she stands for and the desire she has to help woman like me have the birth experience we want. Thank you, thank you!

  7. Kristin says:

    Dear Rebecca,

    Here is something which I hope blesses you by helping others to know how wonderful you are and how great you are at what you do. I give you permission to post this wherever you see fit.

    I hope that I have the opportunity to birth with you again…if that is what God has in store.

    Whether or not that is in The Plan, I am SO grateful for your support, help, guidance, love—and the birth story you helped create for Anna’s entry to earth!.

    It was healing, hopeful, strengthening, and perfect.

    Enjoy the review! YOU EARNED IT!

    with love and gratitude always,

    “Rebecca assisted me as my midwife for a VBAC at-home water birth of my third child. I chose to birth at home after enduring both a disheartening and frustrating hospital delivery of my first child, and a disappointing and difficult C-section overseas for my second.

    Rebecca’s wise, experienced, patient, knowing, gentle, kind, respectful, competent, and encouraging support created the environment needed to make my home water birth EXACTLY what was needed.
    It was the healing, natural birth my body and spirit needed as a woman and as a mother.

    Her kindness and humor make challenging or uncomfortable situations as peaceful and bearable as can be. That is SUCH as asset during the birthing process!

    With Rebecca, I felt secure, supported, and assured during the entire process- before, during, and after birth. She was the encouraging presence I needed to successfully complete such a powerful life experience in the way I wanted and needed to–100% naturally.

    I am especially grateful to her for her listening ear and whole-person approach to such a integral life moment as is birth. She cares about me as a person, mother, and woman, and treats all her clients with such respect.

    Rebecca truly believes in women and their ability to birth. I found this empowering. She provides care with tangible empathy, authenticity, and deep respect that is unparalled in most of the medical community.

    I felt like Rebecca treated my birth experience with the reverence and reverie it deserved, which made it that much more fulfilling and special for me.

    It is clear that Rebecca is someone who is fulfilling her life’s calling in helping women birth in the most beautiful, healthy, and peaceful way possible. Her ability to support and sustain while under stress is profound. She respected my wishes, responded to my requests, and listened to me. How can one put a price on this? Is it found today in traditional hospitals?
    Within Great Expectations Birthing Center is the only place I have found it as an expectant mother.

    I was especially impressed with the wide variety of tools she utilized during gestation, birth, and post-pardom care, as well as her diligence to help me before, during, and after delivery.

    She is competent medically as well as holistically, a combination I find indespensible.

    Rebecca cares for the woman in completeness- both her well-being and her birth experience.

    Having personally experienced dealing with numerous midwives in BOTH hemispheres, I can honestly say Rebecca is my preferred choice of them all.

    Overall, Rebecca is an outstanding doula, who is gifted in helping mothers birth in comfort, care, and success, and attain the beautiful experience which is had in giving birth.”

  8. Katie says:

    Its been over seven months since my son was born and I’ve had a lot of opportunities to share my birth experience with friends and family and I always say YES when they ask if I would have an out of hospital birth again. Rebecca is awesome. Just like other people mentioned she is very available to you, takes care of you, never makes you feel rushed, welcomes your older children to the appointments and lets them be involved, and she never judges you.

    I had my first baby in a hospital (induced, epidural, as many drugs as they would let me have) and it was an ok experience–nothing bad happened, but when comparing it to my second pregnancy/birth it was…well…it doesn’t really compare…birthing with Rebecca was a million times better. I felt taken care of, she remembered my family members name, I enjoyed her humor, I never had to wait for an appointment, and the after care was exceptional as well. I was the opposite of a calm laborer or baby pusher I watched in all those hypnobaby YouTube videos–and she still told me I was awesome.

    If you are lucky enough to get to have Rebecca as you caretaker during pregnancy and birth you will never regret it. She is the best. And breakfast in bed was the icing on the cake!

  9. Marisa says:

    I had my first baby in the hospital and I can sincerely say, it was a horrible experience. When it came time to have baby number two, I knew I could not do the cold hospital, doctor that barely knew my name, and pushy nurses that didn’t listen to me, again.

    Instead I decided to pursue an out-of-hospital birth and was fortunate enough to find Rebecca to lead me through the process. If I could create a perfect midwife, she would fit the bill. She was patient with both me (a hormonal monster when pregnant) and my two year old daughter (who had toys up the ying-yang to play with during our appointments). She wasn’t pushy or judgmental; she never treated me like I was dumb or just another patient. It was a very nice change.

    When it came time for the actual birth, she let my body do what it is designed to do. She assisted when I needed it, but didn’t intervene unnecessarily, which is what I hated about the hospital. It made the experience one I wanted to remember and love to think back on. My husband referred to her birthing suite as a “5-Star-Hotel” and I concur. I can’t fathom birthing in any one else’s care again. She was excellent to check up on me following the birth and answer any of my questions quickly. I will always treasure my birth experience with Rebecca.

  10. Christina Lakey says:

    What can I say? Rebecca Williams is THE BEST. For my first baby girl, I went with another midwife group here in Utah – I didn’t realize Rebecca booked up so quickly! This other group was great and got the job done – wonderful experience. But I have to say, after getting to have my second little girl with Rebecca, there is just no comparison. Where they were wonderful, she was PHENOMENAL. From the beginning, she just cared a little more. I never felt rushed at appointments, and I always came out feeling like my questions had been answered and that I was a little bit smarter 😉 Rebecca is so knowledgeable and keeps up on what is going on in both worlds, if that makes sense. It was very reassuring to have her skills and expertise as a nurse, but know that she let’s us women “do our thing” without unnecessary interventions. I planned on a home birth, but in a last minute whirlwind, came to the birthing center (or Rebecca probably wouldn’t have made it to the birth!). Everything just fell into place. I didn’t get the privilege of being birth #500 (so close), but I did get a great breakfast in bed. And I think what really put her over the top for me was when she came to do the first postpartum visit and asked me what color of footprints we should do. Color? I didn’t know there was a choice. These extra personal touches are what makes Rebecca so special. She really cares. She feels like one of the family! I’ve already told my husband that if we ever have to move and I end up having another child, I will be coming back to Rebecca for the birth.

  11. Cyndi & Tom B. says:

    After the birth of our first son in the hospital we knew we had to make some changes. Our birth was rushed and none of our needs were met. Our visits to the doctor included 45 min in the waiting room 20 min in the exam room and 5 with the doctor. He never remembered who we were. He would ask the same questions every time we went and never remember my husband’s name. When we found Rebecca we knew right away that things were going to be different. At the time, she was working at the only birthing center that we could find in the Salt Lake Valley. The birth of our second child in 2004 went off without a hitch and she was wonderful. I think after insurance our total bill was barely over $400. Over 90% less than with the hospital and 1000% more satisfied. Over the next 8 years we had 4 more children with her for a total of 5. Even though our insurance changed and no longer covered her we never thought about going with anyone else. Not only did I develop a real friendship with her, but my husband did too. Her excitement about the birth of our new children and the development of our older ones was like that of a family member, not a medical provider. When we had our last child my husband and I were very sad, not because we wanted any more children, 6 is perfect for us, but because she would no longer be a regular part of our lives. If you are looking for the most professional and knowledgable CNM in the business and want someone who cares about you then please call early, she does get booked up, and make sure Rebecca is your midwife.

  12. Kate says:

    I rant and rave about our wonderful experience with Rebecca written in my birth story on my blog.

  13. Rachel E. says:

    It has been some years since Rebecca helped us with the births of our second and third children, but I still think back about those special times. Even though Rebecca had attended hundreds of babies, we felt she was still genuinely excited for us and for the new baby to enter our family. Not only was she highly skilled and professional, but prenatals were just simply fun. It was a pleasure to meet with her with the children, and she had endless patience for their questions and comments. Rebecca recognized that the birth of a baby was also the birth of a mother, father, and big brother or sister and that it could be a beautiful family affair. We’ve since moved out of state, but we still highly recommend her to our friends in Utah. Rebecca will forever be in our hearts. She is a treasure!

  14. Sarah Price says:

    My husband and I had our first child at home in December with Rebecca. When we found out we were pregnant we began searching for midwives, looking for a knowlegable, trustworthy, and reliable person to help us birth our first child. From the moment we met Rebecca, we knew she was the one. We were always excited for our once-a-month visit with her. She made me feel so relaxed and confident in myself that I decided to switch to birth at home instead of using her center. I was very impressed with how she involved my husband in the process. Each visit with her was not just a check up, but an educational class on pregnancy and birthing. She helped us create the most natural and perfect birthing experience a woman can have. We can not express how thankful we are to have Rebecca as our midwife!

  15. Sariah W-G says:

    I love Rebecca!!! I want to get pregnant again just so I can see her every week again! We had our wonderful at home birth last March. And I couldn’t have asked for a better experience my hospital birth is what turned me to home birth and I am so glad that I found Rebecca b/c she is AMAZING, she is very informed medically of course b/c she is a nurse but also has that “crunkiness” (I use that term lovingly) to her. She was amazing at the birth especially when I was wondering what the heck I was thinking her and my husband really put my mind back into the game she knew exactly what to say. My husband felt proud that he was able to take a MUCH bigger role in the birth this time around. She really lets you do what you want to do and call all the shots. I was able to push out the placenta at my own pace she even showed it to us and showed us how it was attached to the uterus and where our precious baby boy had been living for 38 weeks. I was able to get out of the tub when I wanted to, and breast feed, walk around, take a shower whatever I wanted to do instead of being told, which was wonderful! I definitely recommend all of my friends to Rebecca if they are even contemplating having an at home birth. I will definitely be using her again once we decide to have another one. And also she is a great alternative from a Gyno b/c she can do it all at a much lower price than the doctors if you are uninsured!

  16. Emily R says:

    My experience with Rebecca was one that I will remember for the rest of my life. To be honest, I am looking forward to the next pregnancy partly so I can see her again. She is just full of joy and peace. She takes amounts of time with her clients that is unheard of in the OBGYN world. She is so passionate about what she does, and made me feel calm about everything from start to finish. I had my baby 11 days late, and not once did I feel rushed or scared. I knew that everything would be okay because I was in her care. She loved my whole family, and made us feel so confident that we could handle whatever came our way. I just can’t sing her praises enough. There is no way my experience could have been better. I understood everything that was happening, because she knew how to explain it step by step and the reasons for everything. I thank her from the bottom of my heart for her love in what she does and for being such a big part of bringing our 10 lb. 6 oz baby into this world!

  17. Rebecca C. says:

    I had my first baby at Great Expectations birth center. I cannot imagine how different my experience would have been had I been in the hospital. Rebecca has been fantastic. Before I was pregnant I had been through three obstetricians. The first retired and I was just unhappy with my experience with the others. I was always irritated by the small amount of time they would spend with me and how annoyed they seemed if I had any questions that would prolong the visit. A family friend of mine had birthed with Rebecca and recommended her. The first time I met with Rebecca was shortly after I found out I was pregnant with my first child. I had read quite a bit about childbirth and had many questions regarding specific situations during birth. About 2 pages of questions actually! I was an engineer, so of course I had a list of everything that could possibly go wrong and wanted to know how she would handle each situation.
    I set up an appointment with Rebecca to see if I would feel comfortable having an out of hospital birth with her. She sat and patiently answered every single question like it was the only one. I have never met with anyone in the medical profession like that. I felt very confident in Rebecca’s answers and knew that if complications arose requiring transport to the hospital that she would not hesitate to take me to the hospital. On subsequent visits she would go through every lab result and explain what it meant. I don’t think I ever had an abnormal lab result, but in the past, at least the medical professionals I have spent time with have never tried to explain something that reported an acceptable lab result. The office visits were great. I really looked forward to them. I am now pregnant again with my second and so grateful to birth with Rebecca again. Now that I have a toddler, I appreciate Rebecca in a completely different way than with my first pregnancy. It is so easy to bring my toddler with me to my visits because there are toys hidden away in every room of the office so my little one can easily stay entertained while I enjoy my visit with Rebecca. It is just a wonderful atmosphere to be in! I cannot imagine birthing with anyone else!

  18. Michelle Bailey says:

    My husband and I birthed our daughter with Rebecca at Great Expectations in August of 2010…it has been a year now and it is still our most precious memory as a family. Rebecca’s skill, knowledge and caring manner is second to none- any family fortunate enough to have their pre-natal care and birth attended by Rebecca knows how lucky we are. Looking forward to seeing you again Rebecca! In love and gratitude, the Baileys

  19. Nathan S. says:

    Our family cannot recommend Rebecca enough. The care she provided for my wife and I exceeded even our most ideal expectations. Rebecca is kind, supportive, knowledgeable, and was amazing with my wife. She just seemed to intuitively know what my wife needed in her birth. I was also extremely impressed with how she involved me as part of the birth process. I doubt you will find a provider that understands and recognizes how important the birth process also is to the father.

    Our family was looking to relocate, but are now unlikely to do so prior to finishing our family. Rebecca is that important to us.

  20. Raven says:

    Rebecca is simply the best. From her top-notch prenatal care (where you never have to wait and each appointment can last an hour) to her beautifully appointed birth suite (amazing padded tub included) to her experience and skills as a midwife (I’ve never felt so safe)–everything about our experience with her was wonderful. I cannot recommend her highly enough. My water birth at the birth suite was magical and I always felt like Rebecca took the time to get to know me and to explain everything to me. I’ve never felt more informed as a birthing mother, or so pampered. She even fed us breakfast in bed the morning after the birth! Rebecca brings you the best of both worlds–tremendous experience and knowledge coupled with the belief that birth is a natural and safe process. Receiving care from Rebecca and birthing with her was a blessing indeed.

  21. Sarah Watts says:

    Rebecca was truly fabulous! My first child was a c-section and I wanted so badly to not have a repeat c-section with my second. Given hospitals’ policies toward previous c-section moms, I felt if I set foot in a hospital, I would be guaranteed another one. What I first felt as “forced” to look at other options, I now feel to be blessed to know there are other options! My second child was born at home, healthy and safe. I got to immediately take a shower in my bathroom, put on my pjs, and crawl into my bed. As my husband always reminds me (and anyone who comes into our house and anywhere near our dining room), this is where our baby girl plopped into the world 🙂
    And the home birth experience was really just the topping on the cake. Rebecca creates a wonderful atmosphere of open and easy communication. We were able to call or email her with minor questions along the way; I never felt like I could get a hold of my OB with my first pregnancy. With Rebecca, we were never rushed during any appointments and never left with any questions, or that feeling of “Shoot! I forgot that!” (and if I had, I knew I could have called or emailed her).
    I can’t recommend Rebecca highly enough!

  22. Bre H. says:

    Im only 20 and im not having children anytime soon. but when i do i want to know all the options available to me. Recently i’ve been looking at natural water births. They look like an amazing. comphy way to give birth. From what everyone has been saying here I think ill be giving Rebecca a call in a few years.

  23. Katie L. says:

    We had a homebirth with Rebecca in November and it was amazing. She provided us with the combination of the best possible medical care and the support and encouragement we needed to have a successful out-of-hospital birth.
    Rebecca also provided us with great care throughout my pregnancy. I always looked forward to our appointments with her and she always took the time to answer all of our questions and discuss any fears or concerns we had with doing a homebirth.
    I would absolutely recommend Rebecca to anyone considering a homebirth. She is professional, incredibly knowledgeable, supportive, and experienced.

  24. Alyssa C. says:

    Not only is Rebecca my midwife, but as a natural childbirth educator, she is one of my heroes! I learned about her from one of my students and after the first time I spoke with her on the phone I knew she was the birth attendant for me!
    I had the pleasure of birthing with her at my home after having a natural hospital birth followed by a c-section, and it was the most incredible experience of my maternal life! She is so caring and her words of praise and encouragement make you feel like super woman. Her knowledge and understanding of your unique situation makes you feel so safe in her care.
    I also had the pleasure of being at my sister’s birth that was attended by Rebecca and got witness her care as an observer. She is amazing and I tell everyone I know who is interested in an out-of-hospital birth to contact her.

  25. Karli H. says:

    Rebecca was my midwife during my last pregnancy, and I love her. I love that she treats me like an intelligent, capable person. I’d go home after most appointments and call my sisters to tell them all the cool things I learned. I also felt like I had a friend. She got to know the whole family. My two year old would start yelling “Becca!!” as we got close to her office for each visit.

    We didn’t have the birth we’d planned. We’d intended to go to the birth suite. Instead we had an unplanned, unassisted homebirth, oops. I’m so grateful Rebecca was my midwife. We called her and she walked us through the whole thing, while she was one her way out. When she got her, she helped clean up, cleaned us up, and took good care of us. All of this while Baby and I hung out on the couch. I can only imagine how different things would have been if we’d had to call 911. Ambulance, oxygen, immediate cord cutting, paramedics, hospital, less bonding, etc, etc, etc. Instead she came to us and took care of everything. It was such a calm beautiful experience. Next time we’ll just plan a home birth and save ourselves (and poor Rebecca) some trouble.

    I guess it’s telling when at the end of the day, the only reason you’re sad you’re not pregnant anymore is because you don’t get to go see your midwife anymore.

  26. Tirsa says:

    I had two children in hospitals. And Two children with Rebecca. The first time in The Birth center & this last Sept. decided to try a home birth. Both times were wonderful. She fits in like one of the family. She makes every visit fun and exciting & ya just cant wait to go back. It’s like going to visit a good friend, not some doctor visit you are dreading. Rebecca loves children and it shows. She is very good at including the whole family. And with her there at my birth I never felt scared cause she can always handle what comes her way and she knows what to do. Thanks Rebecca Both experiences were so much fun!

  27. Lorie J. says:

    Two out of my Three daughters have come into this world with the help of Rebecca. She is WONDERFUL! I can’t imagine sharing that experience with anyone else. She has always made me, as well as my entire family feel comfortable and cared for. I had a different midwife with my first child and then we moved. I was so blessed to find Rebecca while I was pregnant with my second baby and I have to say there is a difference even in midwives and in my opinion Rebecca is the absolute best! I have always had complete trust in her. Prenatal care is wonderful! She makes you feel like you and your body know how to care for the baby in and out of the womb (which we do). I love giving birth in the tub and the great sense of relief the warm water offers! During childbirth Rebecca really helped me understand how to work with my body to bring my baby out. The experience was amazing! Rebecca was just so attentive and concerned about my needs during my pregnancy, childbirth and recovery! I just can’t say enough about her! She is WONDERFUL! I love her so much that after I tell my husband and my parents that I am pregnant, she is the first person I call! I could never thank her enough for what she has done for myself and my family! I think every mother deserves this kind of care!

  28. Jamie H. says:

    There is no one in the world like Rebecca!
    I had my first 3 children “naturally” in the hospital and had 3 HORRIBLE experiences, the last one being completely ignored for 6 hours on Christmas when I got pregnant with my 4th child I decided no more hospitals. I was seeing a different midwifery group and never felt they were “on top of things” -forgetting my heart condition and never even asking about family history of ANYTHING..that’s when I found Rebecca and WOW what a difference!! She is SO smart and thorough! I was instantly “in love” with her easy going, smiling, in depth way of making my husband at ease. He said after our first meeting years ago, I really like her, why can’t more nurses be like her?? I haven’t had a question yet that she can’t answer! and I ask A LOT of questions!! We had a home birth and I used my big garden tub and i think every woman should have the chance to labor in a soaking hot tub of water, I got out thinking my contractions had stopped! i was so pain free! Rebecca came to our home at 3 a.m.! slept for a bit on my couch as I tried to sleep and then at 10 we welcomed llittle girl #4. It was WONDERFUL! I tell everyone how very relaxing it is to labor at home, sleep when you want to, have someone so relaxed she can bustle around the kitchen and it feels just like family. I am now expecting little surprise #5 and am so grateful that I can relax! because when Rebecca is on the job, there is no need to worry, she takes care of everything! If you are wondering about a home birth or the pain of it, talk to her, go see her birthing sweeeeeet, it is beautiful. It will be the best experience!

  29. Aubrey Y. says:

    I birthed with Rebecca for both of my children, (3 and 3 months old). The first time was at the birth center and the second time was at home. Both times I was so grateful to have Rebecca as my midwife. With my first pregnancy, due to the unexpededness of it and due to my moving around alot during my pregnancy, I still didn’t have a practicioner by my seventh month. When I moved to Utah, I started calling around for a midwife. I was having no luck, but Rebecca agreed to squeeze me into her already tight schedual. I am so grateful for this. Having her as my midwife, helped me to remain calm during my births, and although they were painful, I never felt scared. I knew that I was in good hands. Whenever I started to feel out of control, rebecca would give me some reaussring words, or a kind look and it made me feel better. I remember when I was in transition during my first labor, at one point I felt that I couldn’t take it anymore. And rebecca said that she would take one of my contractions for me if she could, and I felt that she really meant it. Just feeling that compassion from her was enough to give me the inner strength to go on. I really enjoyed our checkups too and felt as someone mentioned above that I was just meeting with a good friend. She was also so good with my toddler when I was expecting my second child. I would recomend her to anyone. I love her so much and although I’m not having any more kids, sometimes I wish I was just so I could have Rebecca as my midwife again.
    Thank you Rebecca!

  30. Audrey C. says:

    Being enabled in birth was such a wonderful experience! I can’t tell you how comfortable and relaxing the entire process was for us, especially since it was our first child. Rebecca was wholly informative, personable, amiable, and highly competent. She made sure we were aware of our options and encouraged us to make our own choices as to the delivery of our daughter (who came in April 2007). The water-birth was fantastic and an intimate experience, surrounded by loving, capable people.

    I now live in Mississippi and am due in about 3 weeks with my second and *wish* it were possible to obtain such outstanding care and attention! There’s no way a hospital birth with a doctor could ever make you feel so fulfilled and happy with childbirth as does Rebecca. My only regret is moving too far to deliver with her again. Thanks beyond words!

  31. Meradith says:

    I birthed with Rebecca going on 3 years ago at the birth center and I am still singing her praise! It was such a wonderful experience that I still tell people about it and refer all of my friends and family to her! Thank you so much for such a wonderful experience.

  32. Kara says:

    I was so happy to have a chance to get care from Rebecca. She is so sweet and always made me feel comfortable. My boys also loved going to her office and she was great with them. I had planned to give birth at her birth suite, and she did everything she could to help me, but sometimes babies choose their own way and I ended up transferring to a hospital. Rebecca went with us and made sure they were ready for us and came to visit me afterwards. I would birth with her again in a heartbeat.

  33. Oh my gosh! Where to begin? Tears are coming to my eyes just thinking about how great Rebecca made our home birth experience and we are so excited about your new facility. We tell everyone about you! You made a miracle happen right here in our own tiny living room, and no one in our family will ever forget the amazing experiences we had. It was so great to go to appointments and visit with you. I felt more like I was meeting a friend for tea than getting “examined.” I never felt rushed, I always felt heard and understood, you helped calm the nerves of my trepidatious husband, and we are forever grateful to you for it. Our little fish (Monae was born in the birthing tub AND is a pisces! HA!) was so big and so healthy & is such a happy baby and I know birthing her with you was the best start we could have had for her. Your care & sensitivity through the whole pregnancy and birth and postpartum were unforgettable. Each of our 3 boys felt such a part of it because of you and were so close to Monae from the start. What a bond! You are a wonderful addition to this community and we’re thrilled to have you here! You are truly and Angel & we love you! Vince, Jenelle, Max, Merrick, Mitch & Monae :), Murray, UT

  34. Amber H. says:

    ok.. so It’s obviously late, I just started a coment and hit submit way too soon! Wow! it is the best way to describe my birth experiance and prenatal care I recieved for my daughter. Rebecca is so caring, gentle and kind, and I am very picky about who I choose for care providers in my life. The educated choices I made durring my duaghters birth, encouraged me to do more, be more, and experiance more for my daughters birth. Rebecca was the perfect fit, full of knowledge, encouragement, and such a beautiful warm presence. I have and will continue to recomend Rebecca to anyone who wants to look into other options, or even just looking for a great midwife! Everyone I know, who has been to Rebecca just rave about the wonderful care they recieved, and how beautiful their own births were as well.
    Thank you Rebecca

  35. Amber H. says:

    Wow. Yes Wow! I

  36. Kimberly S. says:

    Rebecca Williams made my pregnancy and birth amazing. I am so glad that I found her. I had my first child in a hospital and it didnt feel like it was my birth, how I wanted everything to go. With my second though Rebecca let me have it just the way my husband and I desired. I love Rebecca. I am constantly raving about my birth I was able to do at home with her. She is AMAZING!!!!!

  37. Erin Mckeag says:

    I am so exited for you Rebecca. That is so great to finally get everything in place. Now I can start thinking of my second child. I wouldn’t entrust another person to be there for me through my pregnancy and birth. You are awesome Rebecca. I will always cherish the irreplaceable memories you were with us to create. I have no regrets whatsoever; I couldn’t have asked for a better friend or midwife. I look forward in coming by to see you soon.

  38. Amy L. says:

    Since the day my son made his beautiful entrance, I have been singing Rebecca’s praises to anyone and everyone that will listen. The reasons are threefold:

    First, she was SO supportive, so understanding, and she truly wanted me to have the birth that I had envisioned. No scoffs, no trying to convince me to change my mind, just loving support and respect for my opinions and desires. It means a lot to know that, when you’re too busy pushing a baby out to stick to your initial desires, your birth care provider will stick by your birth plan. She allowed me to listen to MY body, rather than telling me what I *should* be feeling.

    Secondly, she was so COMPETENT. I was immediately relieved by how educated, capable, and calm she was. I had no fear, because it was seriously apparent that she knew what she was doing.

    And also, she is just an awesome person. She made me laugh, she touched my heart, and I love her forever for the beautiful experience she helped me achieve.
    Thank you, Rebecca!

  39. Sarah Dobson says:

    I absolutely adore Rebecca, she kept me sane through my whole pregnancy experience. I am a first time mom so of course I worried about everything! Poor Rebecca had to deal with me calling her at all times of the night asking her all sorts of questions, but she always answered and would talk me through all of my worries. I did a home/water birth and I wouldn’t have done it any other way. Rebecca was phenomenal, she was so at ease during my entire labor process. Which helped me to feel confident and trusting of my body to be able to give birth naturally. I ended up giving birth to a beautiful 9 pound 1 ounce baby girl named Haven, we couldn’t have done it without her! I will never forget at my last appointment thinking I am really going to miss coming in every week and talking with Rebecca. She just has a way with pregnant woman, always making you feel like you are deliciously beautiful. We love you Rebecca and thank you for getting our little girl to us safe, happy and healthy:)

  40. Mary S. says:

    My husband and I have had both our children caught by Rebecca. She was always just as excited as we were that we were having a baby. She is such a soothing and stable presence during the labor and delivery that it supported our confidence to birth. We adore this individual and look forward to having her catch one more before we’re done breeding- maybe even in our own home!!

  41. Cynthia G. says:

    I had my first child at a hospital with an OB/GYN, and it was a pretty good experience. But the birth of my second with Rebecca was 10 times better! She really makes you feel at home and at ease. Instead of waiting 45 minutes for a 10 minute visit with an OB/GYN, you hardly ever wait for a 45 minute visit or longer with Rebecca. She’s awesome! My birth experience with her was the most amazing, positive experience ever! I hope to go to her in the future!

  42. Brandy L. says:

    I am a mother of five beautiful children. Unfortunately I only delivered my fifth child with Rebecca. I learned so much about being pregnant and my body from Rebecca. You would think that I would have known everything there is to know by the fifth, but that is what you get from doctors and nurses. I had the first four in the hospital some with drugs others without, and I knew that I liked no drugs much better. I also wanted something more warm and inviting then a hospital which is why I look for a birthing center. I found Birth & Family Place and also Rebecca. I had about 5 weeks until my due date when the birthing center decided to go against what I thought they stood for. Then my husband and I had to decide what we were going to do for the delivery. We knew we wanted to use Rebecca but no longer had a place to go. I wanted to deliver at home but my husband had his concerns, she was so kind and wonderful to help us with any fears and questions we had. She was more of a friend and mentor then anything. I got so impatient at the end and Rebecca was so wonderful to answer my calls, no matter what time they were, and help me in any way possible. When the time came she was right there and it was so nice to be in my home and not have to get in the car and drive anywhere. She knew the best positions and was so encouraging. I think that delivering a baby is the best experience you could ever have but Rebecca made it even more special the way she treated us and the immediate time she gave us with our newborn. I know that she truly loves the process and our newborns as much as we do. I wish that I could of had this experience with the other four, but I tell everyone that will listen about it and that being at home and with Rebecca is the only way to have a baby. It is also great how even after a year she remembers my family and wants to get pictures. She is a wonderful and genuinely caring person. If a sixth blessing comes my way Rebecca will be the first to know and will be there to enjoy the experience with me again. Thank you for everything you have given me and my family.

  43. Chrissy S. says:

    I loved my experience at the Birth and Family Place with Rebecca. I had my second child at the birth center and my first child was at a hospital. What a difference! I felt great after my second birth and asked to go home after only five hours of delivering my baby. My labor was less than half of what it was with my first baby and my recovery was awesome! Rebecca really bonded with my family throughout the visits during my pregnancy. We love her personality and the time she took at each visit. If I am ever pregnant again, I would definitely go through the Birth and Family Place with Rebecca and would refer any mother there for a positive birth experience!

  44. Steffi R. says:

    Rebecca Williams is the main reason we get to tell such a positive and happy Birth Story. Rebecca was always so welcoming, making us feel relaxed and comfortable, in the hands of a caring professional. Having had a hospital birth for my first baby, it was so refreshing to experience pre-natal care and a birth with Rebecca – this is what having a baby SHOULD be like. Rebecca’s skill as a midwife is clearly evident and I felt absolutely safe in her care and trusted her entirely to help me give birth to my baby without unnecessary intervention. She has an amazing ability to guide you and your body through the natural birth process. Our whole experience with Rebecca has been excellent, from pre-natal care to delivery, to post-partum care. I could not recommend anybody more highly than Rebecca – what a wonderful midwife.

  45. Lindsay O. says:

    Our experience with Rebecca and delivering at the Birth and Family Place couldn’t have been better. The birth was wonderful! We felt so safe and relaxed in the care of this wonderful midwife. We really felt like we directed our experience and that Rebecca was our advocate in helping us to have the best birth possible. It was such an incredibly personal and special experience for us to remember and treasure in our family memory!

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