Happy New Year Adalicia!!!

AdaliciaUsually the babies don’t pick the major holidays for their birthdays except this year… I met Maddox who chose to be born on Christmas day and Adalicia, who turned down the tax deduction in favor of a New Year’s day birthday. 

Adalicia obviously wanted the baby quilt Tiff made for the first baby of the year.   She does look very cute posing on it.

5 Responses to “Happy New Year Adalicia!!!”

  1. Melanie B. says:

    I never commented on my own cute baby!! Better late than never! We love the quilt that Tiff made! Thanks for everything! I think I’m sold now to having homebirths!

  2. Tirsa says:

    Really cute quilt, and what a sweet little girl. Those babies sure all have a mind of their own. At least you had an exciting holiday week, wouldn’t want ya to be bored. haha.

  3. Kara says:

    Aw, how exciting you got 2 holiday babies! Cute quilt and adorable baby 🙂

  4. Stephanie O says:

    What an adorable baby and sweet quilt. Tiff is quite talented!

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