September Birth Vacation



I keep telling myself to plan some time off but it doesn’t seem to happen…I meet someone who I think would be so fun to birth with…or who needs a healing birth…or who I’ve birthed or miscarried with before and know I’d be disappointed if we didn’t get to be together for this baby.

Knowing that there will never be the perfect birth free window I just need to plan for vacation time for my family and myself. I’ve decided that I won’t be accepting any September births so for those that have control of their future children….please wait for me.

3 Responses to “September Birth Vacation”

  1. Olivia Maxwell says:

    YES!!!! I’m due July/August!!!!! Surprise!!!

  2. Alicia says:

    Thank you for the advance notice! You are worth the wait… not that I’m lucky enough to be expecting any time soon. As always talking with you seems to bring things into perspective, thank you. Feeling much better these days 🙂 Much Love, Alicia

  3. Lorie says:

    Have fun on your vacation, you do deserve it! Hopefully we will get together after your vacation! (; (No, that is not an announcement, but….). We just watched Alexa’s birth videos today and I had to stop by the blog and say Hi!

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