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Friday, July 10th, 2009



We had some excitement Friday night, July 3rd, when a fire started in the wooden window frame at the opposite end of the building from my little suite. It’s believed the sun acted as a magnifying glass through the window starting the wooden frame on fire.
I got to see the firemen in action because I was meeting one of my laboring moms that night. The halls were full of smoke, the gas was off, the power cut and the carbon monoxide¬†levels were high so it wasn’t an inviting labor spot. Fortunately she had a psychic baby boy because her labor stopped and he waited until Sunday to be born in the cushioned tub at Great Expectaitons.
It smelled like a campfire mixed with burnt popcorn in the halls for a few days and they still have air cleaner machines running …but in my world everything was back to normal pretty fast.