Health Facility Licensing Public Hearing

I’ve been hearing lots of buzz about a birth center licensing hearing that was to be held at the Cannon Building on February 18th.  Since I’m not part of the “Birth Center Representatives” group I can only tell you what I’ve been able to research on my own.

First the hearing has been rescheduled to:  March 25th, 9:00 am in room 101 of the Cannon Health Department building located at 288 N 1460 W Salt Lake City, UT 84116.

I spoke with Laurie Miller today and she told me that Galen Ewer is the contact person for health facility licensing. 
His e-mail address is

if you’re unable to attend the hearing but would like to comment on birth center licensing.


I’m told Suzanne Smith LDEM has proposed three major birth center licensing changes:

1) Change the requirement for a hospital transfer agreement to a written transfer plan.

2) Accept all licensed obstetrics and midwifery providers as legal attendants in birthing centers.

3) Allow vaginal birth after cesarean (VBACs) under certain conditions in birthing centers

In response to these proposed changes the Utah Hospital Association (UHA) has listed changes it would like to see to birth center regulations.  If the recommendations of the UHA are adopted it would make the birth center regulations even more restrictive than they already are.  Even a one room birth suite like I have would have to meet all the birth center regulations which would effectively restrict me to home births only.

Hopefully I’ll find out a little more in the next couple weeks and I can update this info.  If anyone has anything to add please share it.

Soooo…I may need some help if we want to continue birthing under the stars at Great Expectations.








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    If you do need help, I am happy to do so! Just let me know what I can do.

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