Open House Thank You!!!

Thank you to everyone who took time out of their busy lives to drop by the new birth suite and lend their support and enthusiasm.  For me it was like being at a feast of my favorite foods, only they were on a conveyor belt and I only had time to get one bite before the plate moved out of reach.  People I would have loved to chat with for hours I only had time for a quick hi.  So if you’re ever in my neighborhood, give me a call or ring the doorbell- I’d love to catch up on the news.  I’m not sure you can just drop by and soak in the big “soft” tub though.   : )

Travis won the “unofficial” coloring contest.   His page will proudly hang in the reception area the rest of the month.  Good thing we didn’t have a baby/kid beauty contest because we’d still be debating.  And did anyone else notice that “my” moms sizzle!!!! Wow!!!!

The cookie frosting area was a big hit.  I think some kids already have their engineering degrees because I was amazed at the amount of candy one can attach to a cookie base.  I wish I had taken pictures of these creations, truly stupendous works of art/engineering.  Thanks to all the parents that had to endure the sugar after-effects of the cookies.  The kids had fun so hopefully it was worth it.  Thanks to Tiff for catering the party and making 17 dozen cookies.

If anyone has an Open House picture they’d like to share please send it my way.  I brought my camera but never took a single picture.  : (

I did get the most hugs though and feel well loved.  Thank you so much for sharing your day with me.  And who knows…..maybe you’ll be inspired to come birth under the stars.

If you weren’t able to make it for the “gala event” let me know if you’d like a private tour.  I’d be happy to show you all the details including the bedpan cleaner and dishwasher imported from New Zealand.

2 Responses to “Open House Thank You!!!”

  1. Kara says:

    It was lots of fun. The boys kept talking about the cookies. 🙂 And Hubby was really impressed with the birth suite. I’m glad we were able to come by for a bit.

  2. Angela Shepherd says:

    It was a blast Rebecca! Thanks for having us! I told many people about it and some of my sisters are now considering birthing there! I am excited!

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