We’ve Moved!!!

Solid oak lab pass through door or 'the magic pee door'.

Solid oak lab pass through door or 'the magic pee door'.

What a week!!!  The contractor called this last week “controlled chaos”.  I won’t vouch for the controlled part but it was chaos.  The instant hot water didn’t fit well in the allotted space and took until last evening to successfully install.  It’s beautiful though…if you didn’t care about wasting water you could shower for days.  The plumber took a picture of it just like a proud dad. 

There wasn’t enough carpet ordered so part of the hall just got “temporary carpet” yesterday while we’re waiting for more of the “right” stuff.  The painter didn’t show up for the “touch up” painting which was needed on almost every wall.  Yesterday we found out he quit so we had to get a new guy.  The fire marshal decided we needed one more alarm when he came for final inspection after he ok’d the building plans.   And then there were all the odds and ends.

Even things I was sure I had taken care of didn’t work out.  The box spring for the four poster bed was delivered but the mattress never arrived….still hasn’t….the love seat for my office was ordered as two couches so I have an empty wall in my office while that’s being worked out.   The dryer that was “in-stock” in the warehouse was never there when the truck arrived.  There seems to be a Salt Lake Bermuda triangle for furniture and appliances.

The good news is we received the Certificate of Occupancy today!!!!  So we’re moving in…and should have it looking pretty good in another week or so.  Hopefully we’ll post pictures soon.  It’s been a pretty dramatic transformation even in the last 24 hours.

I can’t wait to focus my attention on my ladies and being a midwife again.  These last few weeks have been very busy and distracting for me.  Thanks for your patience.  It’s going to be so nice.  Wait until you get to put your cup of urine through the lovely oak pass through door to the lab.  Pretty special. : )

5 Responses to “We’ve Moved!!!”

  1. Janna Fox says:

    I have to agree with Meggin! You are an amazing lady, and it shows your dedication how you’ve stayed with your vision for a safe place for women to birth.

    And add me to the list of women who can’t wait until we are able to put our glistening Cup O’ Wee through the grand oak passageway! YAY!

    See you soon!

  2. Alicia says:

    I got to put my pee through the pretty door on the 5th! I love the new place! It is all I knew it would be! Great! Wonderful! Fantastic! Thank you for everything! You were right no bruise!
    Alicia & J~J

  3. Jacki Walker says:

    I think I will come see you just to put my pee through the pretty door.

  4. Cynthia G. says:

    Yay! That’s so exciting! We would love to come visit too!

  5. Meggin Dolberg says:

    Rebecca!!! Yay, you…finally!!! You’re one strong lady. I don’t know how you’ve had the strength to trudge through all that life’s thrown at you in the last year and a half, and still keep helping others like me have amazing and safe birthing experiences. You have been a blessing in our lives and hopefully you know how much we love you. Kaleb still asks about “Becca” from time to time, so when you get settled in a little better we’ll come by to see you. Are you going to have an open house or anything like that? Let us know because we’d love to come and support you.

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