Welcome To Great Expectations!

Hi, I’m Rebecca Williams, a certified nurse-midwife practicing in the Salt Lake area since 2004. I attend out-of-hospital births in both the home and birth suite setting because I believe women should have safe, wonderful choices regarding their birth experience. I also think home  birth should be affordable.  Everyone deserves a lovely birth.

The births I’ve shared with my families in Utah continue to amaze and humble me. Thank you to all the families who have trusted me with their births. I’m honored to be a part of such a fabulous milestone in your lives.

Women choose an out-of-hospital birth with a certified nurse-midwife because:

  • They know they’ll be supported in having the birth experience they desire with a licensed, medically trained birth attendant.
  • They want to know and be comfortable with their birth attendant.
  • They want to choose their labor and birth positions, including whether they will have a water birth.
  • They don’t want harnessed to monitors and IV’s.
  • They want a safe birth, without unnecessary interventions. They want a birth attendant trained in neonatal resuscitation and able to legally give medications for postpartum hemorrhage if needed.
  • They want a C-section rate below 3%, instead of the 30% rate common in many hospitals.
  • They want to be in control of what they wear, what they eat, and whom they invite to their birth.
  • They want their partners involved.
  • They want to birth in an environment that believes birth is a normal, natural process that women have successfully done for countless years, instead of a medical procedure.
  • They want to keep their babies near them and breastfeed immediately after birth.
  • They want the option of prescription medicines if needed for mastitis, urinary tract infections, thyroid management, yeast, etc.

Birth Spot Availability

I am booked for births from now through December 2022 due dates.  At this time I am not expecting to do any births in 2023 unless you’re one of “my” ladies who would birth early in January 2023.  Let me know if the stars align.

****In 2022 I’ll be taking January through May off from births. I’m trying to find some balance and ease into retirement. I will still be in the office those months for visits but will be able to sleep at night or leave town because I’m not on-call for births, which sounds lovely after all these years. Babies with a due date between June to December 2022 will be welcomed.******

I am receiving so many phone calls a day it is getting harder and harder to find the time to answer all the questions and return all the calls. If your call doesn’t get returned try e-mailing and I will do my best to respond. Midwifery is a time intensive job and unfortunately there is a limit to what one can do with the hours in a day.

At the moment I am often not receiving emails from people who use Chrome and click my contact link. I’m so sorry if you have tried to contact me and I haven’t responded. Please cut and paste my email address because that will work.
If you would like to be placed on a wait list in case a space frees up for 2022, please e-mail me with your contact information and due date, and I will let you know if a birth spot becomes available. If you are already one of my clients or we have a prior connection, please give me a call and we will make special arrangements if possible.

Safety Record

Of the 1,150+ labors I’ve managed in Utah, I’ve only had to transfer twenty-five women during labor (none emergently) and eight moms after the birth…. with twelve laboring women transferred since 2008.

After 9 1/2 years in Utah I transferred my first baby to the hospital for a non-birth related reason after a lovely birth.  I hope at least another 9 1/2 years go by before another baby needs transferred…
It wasn’t 9 1/2 years….I’ve now transferred nine babies since 2004.

The national transfer rate for out-of-hospital births is around 10% for moms and 3% for babies.