Welcome To Great Expectations!

Hi, I’m Rebecca Williams, a certified nurse-midwife practicing in the Salt Lake area since 2004.

February 19, 2023

Thank you for 19 years in Utah. 

Over 1200 Utah births!!!!  (I thought I was one baby short of 1200 until I consolidated the baby birth charts and found there were several unnumbered babies.  These were births I attended for other midwives that didn’t count on my birth certificate list).  Yay for the bonus babies!!!!

It’s been bittersweet closing my practice and office.  It’s both happiness hearing about a new baby on the way and disappointment that I won’t be sharing the birthday party.  How can someone else love my ladies as much as I do????  They deserve adoration.  Women are so amazing!!!  Strong, vulnerable, heroic, resilient, powerful.  Thank you for trusting me.  Thank you for letting me witness your triumphant.  Thank you for your friendship. 

I have been so blessed and honored by my birth experiences.  I couldn’t do it without the partners and birth team members who also shared birth space with me.  Party, party!!!

I’ve felt so melancholy this week as I cleaned my office out.  So many many memories.  I’ve had the opportunity to be part of so many lives.  I’ve really loved my work.  It’s hard to let it go.

Now it’s time to focus on the next chapter.  Sleeping.  More time with my husband and family.  I saw bees from both my hives out flying around today, which made me very happy.  I’ve been propagating more plants for them.  Lots of cat mint which they love.  They will be the most pampered bees. 

Good byes are so hard.  Which is why I’d love to see you all again, soon.

Tentatively scheduled for June 2023, I’ll be throwing a party at the park. (Probably the Murray park).

I’ll post as soon as I have a date.  Then we’ll have to figure out how many might come so I can let the food truck(s) know.

For everyone who has sent me pictures or cards throughout the years by mail or email you’ve brought me great joy.  I really appreciate them.  Since I don’t have an office address anymore please email or text me and I’ll happily share my home address  to be included on your Christmas card list.