Birth Choices

Families/women/couples who choose to have their baby with me have a very different experience beginning with the first prenatal visit. My clients rarely wait for their appointments. Visits are spent as I’ve always thought they should be, providing prenatal care, teaching, and listening, instead of waiting “forever” for five minutes of healthcare provider time.

With the exception of ultrasounds, all care is provided at my office. I do my own blood pressures, weights and labs. One of the increases in safety is because of the continuity of care. Because I know my moms/babies so well, I am immediately aware of any changes during the pregnancy and labor. My goal right now is five to seven births a month, and unless all of the babies decide to come at the same time, I am able to offer my undivided attention to my ladies/families.

Home or Birth Suite???

Women that choose to birth with me have the choice of birthing in their home or at the Great Expectations birth suite. Each family will make the decision that is best for them and are free to change their minds if their situation changes. Having said that, there unfortunately is a limit to how far I can travel for home births. If you’re outside the Salt Lake area, each birth would have to be considered for time of year and how busy I am.


Around 36 weeks gestation I will visit your birth site for a prenatal visit and bring birth supplies, a tub if needed, and a postpartum packet which includes all the information and paperwork needed for me to file your birth certificate, obtain a social security card for your baby, etc.. Between 37 to 42 weeks we can legally birth at home and I will come to your house for the birthday party whenever you’d like me to. I stay after the birth until mom and baby are stable and ready for sleep. Sometimes I stay until the birthday cake is frosted and served because I like cake…you’re under no obligation to feed me cake though. I’m there to make your birth wonderful, not to cause extra work.

Birth Suite

Women who choose a birth suite birth come to Great Expectations in labor, have a wonderful birth in a “Bed and Breakfast” setting and return home when they’re stable and the time is right. We have a brand new kitchen and food handler permits so you won’t starve and we’ll try to plan your menu before your birth. How does breakfast in bed sound???

And Regardless Of Location…

Because having a safe pregnancy and birth is a priority, I do transfer to the hospital if problems arise and am certified in Advanced Life Support for Obstetrics as well as neonatal, infant and adult resuscitation. Unless I have someone else laboring, I go with my laboring women and act as their advocate and doula at the hospital in the event of transfer. I have many years of hospital experience and can help couples navigate the hospital “world” to achieve the best possible birth under the circumstances.